What Is Kickboxing? Tips and Benefits of Practicing It

12 Jul, 2023 | By Unifying Expo

Kickboxing, as you know it today, emerged from the fusion of Japanese karate and Western boxing in the 1970s. Osamu Noguchi, a boxer, and Naront Siri, a teacher, met during a trip and realized the potential of combining their disciplines. They engaged in a series of battles that led to the establishment of a specialized kickboxing school. Over time, the techniques were refined, giving rise to the modern form of kickboxing.

Kickboxing refers to the combination of punches and kicks in a contact sport that offers various benefits. It combines strength, endurance, and aerobic exercise, making it a comprehensive and advantageous activity.

5 Benefits of Practicing Kickboxing

There are five primary benefits associated with practicing kickboxing:

Effective calorie burning: In a typical 60-minute kickboxing class, you can burn up to 800 calories by engaging in a mix of strength and cardio exercises.

Muscle toning: Kickboxing targets multiple muscle groups, including the legs, arms, and abdomen. This results in improved posture, increased strength, and enhanced overall stability.

Mood enhancement and stress reduction: Kickboxing serves as a means to release tension and relieve everyday worries, offering therapeutic benefits by releasing adrenaline and improving mental well-being.

Cardiovascular and respiratory system improvement: Like other sports, kickboxing contributes to developing lung capacity and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Enhanced coordination: The combination of diverse movements and alternating between arms and legs in kickboxing improves body coordination. Moreover, it provides an enjoyable way to burn calories without even realizing it.

Tips To Get Started In Kick Boxing

When it comes to getting started in the world of kickboxing, you should know that it is an accessible sport for anyone looking to tone the body and burn calories. It is very important to reach a good diet. You can follow a diet according to energy expenditure to achieve results in a short time.

Among the exercises that you are going to practice in a kickboxing session, you can find sit-ups, push-ups, kicks, squats, or even burpees.

Performing a warm-up and a series of stretches is important both before and after training, with the aim of improving flexibility and maximizing each movement.

As in boxing, in kickboxing, the use of gloves is common, especially if exercises are carried out with the bag. The bag can be alternated between a light and a heavier bag, perfect for improving fitness and power, and speed. You can also use resources such as thai pads, which are the pads that one person holds while another hits with short movements from right to left and with gloves.