The Art of Bench Press in Powerlifting

07 Nov, 2023 | By Unifying Expo

Bench Press in Powerlifting is a celebrated yet challenging exercise that holds a prominent place in the world of powerlifting. As admired as it is feared in weight rooms, it is one of the fundamental exercises for sculpting your body. Apparently simple, it nevertheless requires great precision in execution to be effective.

What is the Bench Press?
Bench press work is the most famous powerlifting exercise in the world. It is often used to illustrate - or even caricature - muscle-strengthening work. The principle is simple: lying on a bench, you lift a bar to the ends of which weights are attached. These act as a judge of the raw physical strength of your upper body. Progress in this type of exercise is slow but offers complete work of all the muscles of the bust.

Principles of the Bench Press
The Bench Press in Powerlifting is undoubtedly one of the most popular exercises in strength sports. Any gym is full of athletes performing pectoral exercises. As one of the main core exercises, the bench press stimulates the entire torso and is ideal for powerlifting and grip strength (hand strength) when performed correctly.

Bench Press: How to do the Exercise Correctly?
Lie down on a bench press. For the bench press, the shoulders are positioned slightly backward, and your back makes a tiny hollow. The bench should support the line from the shoulders to the lumbar spine. One arm must be able to slide beneath the back at the level of the erector spine muscles. The head is flat on the bench, and the eyes are fixed on the bar. As the feet rest firmly on the ground, the legs form a right angle of 90 degrees.

To achieve an effective grip for a bench press, clasp the bar with a width matching your shoulder span. Maintain straight wrists while firmly grasping the dumbbells with your hands.

The movement can now begin. Inhale deeply, contract your back and your buttocks and keep your shoulder blades together. By breathing deeply, you stabilize the central part of the body and relieve your intervertebral discs as well as your spine from the load exerted.

The bar is now placed slowly and with control on the chest. The chest remains constantly under tension. The shortstop on the chest should not result in a release of tension. The lower limit of the sternum (under the nipples) serves as a reference point for stopping.

For a good execution, it is then a matter of pushing the bar explosively upwards. In doing so, it is essential to tighten the shoulder blades and keep the central part of the body firm and stable. Strength is enhanced by exhaling from the abdomen and stable position of the feet.

Bench Press in Powerlifting may be both admired and feared, but its benefits for sculpting the upper body are undeniable. Understanding the principles and executing the exercise with proper technique is the key to maximizing its potential. While progress may be gradual, the results are worth the effort. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just commencing your journey to better health, the chest press stands as an indispensable exercise that should not be underestimated. By staying resolute and maintaining a consistent training regimen, you can craft a formidable and precisely defined upper body that embodies your enduring dedication.