Best Arm-Wrestling Exercises for Strength

08 Jan, 2024 | By Unifying Expo

You have found it if you are looking to strengthen your arms through wrestling. Whether you're an experienced arm wrestler or want to get stronger overall, we've compiled a list of exercises to help you become the best at what you do.

Our Method for Building Arm Wrestling Strength
Our Unifying Sports and Fitness Expo Pvt Ltd staff is well-versed in the specific muscle groups and techniques needed for arm wrestling. You will be well-prepared for the difficulties of arm wrestling with our all-encompassing method, which emphasises developing strength, stamina, and technique.

Strength Training for the Grip
The cornerstone of effective arm wrestling is a solid grip. To give you that upper hand, we have designed grip strength exercises that specifically target the hand, wrist, and forearm muscles.

Deadlifts: Deadlifts are great for developing a strong grip because they use both your forearms and hands.
Plate Pinches: To strengthen your fingers and thumbs, try pinching two weight plates together and holding them for a long time.

Arm Strength Training
When it comes to arm wrestling, having strong forearms is essential. They help with wrist control and stability in general.

Wrist Curls: Wrist curls with a dumbbell will help you build strength in that area.
Reverse Wrist Curls: Make your forearm strength more balanced by working the muscles on the other side of your body with reverse wrist curls.

Strength Training for Arm Wrestling
Incorporating exercises that imitate the precise movements and angles of arm wrestling is crucial for excelling in the sport.

Wrist Rolling: To build strength and stamina, try using a wrist roller to mimic the motions used in arm wrestling.
Isometric Exercises: Holding isometric contractions while mimicking arm wrestling positions is a great way to strengthen those areas.

Training for the Biceps and Tricks
Wrist and forearm strength is crucial in arm wrestling, but having strong triceps and biceps will give you an extra boost.

Hammer Curls: Try hammer curls to strengthen the brachialis, a muscle that helps the biceps move.
Tricep Dips: Dips are a great way to build up your triceps and give you more power when arm wrestling.

Strength Training for Functional Needs
We take a functional exercise approach that boosts arm wrestling performance by strengthening and stabilising the body.

Farmers Walk: Lift heavy objects with both hands to strengthen your grip and stamina.
Kettlebell Exercises: Combine kettlebell swings with Turkish get-ups to target the muscles used in arm wrestling for a full-body exercise.

Come to the Path of Strength with Us
At Unifying Sports and Fitness Expo Pvt Ltd, we're dedicated to helping you reach your arm wrestling strength goals. At every stage of your arm wrestling journey, our professional trainers will be by your side, adapting your routines to meet your unique requirements and guiding you to success with the strategies that matter. Whatever your arm wrestling experience, our customised programme will help you gain power, stamina, and technique to dominate. Join our strength training programme to improve your arm wrestling!