Arm Wrestling: Developing Strength and Technique for Victory

12 Jul, 2023 | By Unifying Expo

Although being an ancient activity, arm wrestling as a sport is very recent. Over time, it has evolved into an organized discipline, with the establishment of the World Arm Wrestling Federation in 1977. Now the sport is currently experiencing significant growth and development around the world.

What is arm wrestling?

Arm wrestling is a type of arm wrestling; the duel takes place between two athletes on a special table. The first modern competitions in this sport were held in the United States in the mid-sixties of the last century. And already in 1977, the World Armwrestling Federation was created.

In arm wrestling, the strength of the joints and ligaments of the hands is primarily important, and then the muscles and muscle mass. In professional competitions, the volume of an athlete does not play a decisive role; the technique is important. In their training, arm wrestlers pay considerable attention to exercises aimed at developing arm strength and grip.

For arm wrestling training, first of all, it is important to practice techniques and strengthen the arms, and not sparring. During the fight, the angle of inclination of the arm is constantly changing, so in training, it is necessary to pay attention to all possible working positions of the arm. This is achieved through the use of various simulators, grips, and devices.

Fighting Technique

When you go into a fight, the first thing you need to do is to take the right stance, and this has its own characteristics. Knowing them will increase the chances of winning with an unprepared opponent.

There are two main techniques for wrestling: using a hook grip and wrestling on horseback.

The meaning of the hook grip is to initially turn the opponent's hand towards you so that your own palm is facing your face. With this grip, you will fight at the expense of the muscles of the biceps and lateral ligaments. Pressure occurs either sideways or diagonally. In this case, the working shoulder is brought forward.

When wrestling on horseback, you will need to try to increase the length of the lever as much as possible, with which you will exercise the load on the opponent's biceps. Therefore, it is necessary to try to grab the opponent's brush as high as possible.

An Effective Training Program

An effective arm wrestling training program should prioritize exercises that target the biceps, forearm, triceps, latissimus dorsi, and deltoid muscles. The aim is not to develop massive muscles but rather to enhance arm strength and endurance.

With the continuous growth and development of arm wrestling around the world, athletes who combine technical proficiency, strategic positioning, and formidable arm strength will have a greater chance of achieving victory in this dynamic and thrilling sport.